Qu'est ce que la Géo-Anthropologie ? Qu'est-ce que l'anthropologie pluraliste ?

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Unthinkability :
To think out the world and ourselves, we need to make comparisons with external entities. However, in globalization, we cannot compare our mode of existence with any other, as it has become unique (even if it includes immense differences between Rich and Poors). This impossibility renders our world unthinkable and forces us to hallucinate about its reality, which tends to be reduced to universal rule, as we position ourselves as its elements. The different qualities and singularities between us are becoming insignifiant, because we tend to be classified within the "whole" according to quantitative and geometrical criteria. Computing those quantitative relationships does not constitute a thought. We will only be able to think out the world and ourselves when we will position ourselves as partisans and practical actors of different ways of living, representing different "versions of man".
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