Qu'est ce que la Géo-Anthropologie ? Qu'est-ce que l'anthropologie pluraliste ?

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Promoting an anthropology of plurality

extensively studied  the issue of "risk" (technological, cultural, societal) for twenty years, Denis Duclos has devoted his recent work to establish the concept of "plurality". This essentially means (in the context of a global society in which all phenomena are emerging severally, as today, the universal propagation of the economic crisis) finding a strategy of diversifying risk. To put it in popular terms : how can humankind avoid "putting all its eggs in one basket"? This theme recalls the traditional division of powers sought by philosophers (as Montesquieu), but it is now question to understand how human culture "contains" the possibility of an anthropological division (and not just a technical one). Although this concern seems to be without any immediate output (in a time dedicated to large maneuvers to control  the global financial disorder), we are here taking the bet  that quest for plurality,and for its own symmetries and balances , is probably one of the most promising ways to prevent disasters, always associated with a "common mode", that is to say a principle of  a "general sweeping".
One will not find in this site any "miracle solution" to the follies of growth or those of credit, but one will be invited to reflect on  methods to build a society able,
on the deeper and longer term,to withstand and civilize the wild synergies of desires, not by bureaucratic or repressive means, but preferably by the way of a "conversation between passions".
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