Mardi 27 Novembre 2012

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Two days ago, out of pure chance, I picked up one of the countless and uncounted (and sometimes... unclassed) books in my library, bought, as usual on impulse : "Too loud a solitude" by Bohumil Hrabal, translated by Michael Henry Heim, who I would have like to have been (except that he was a man...), dead now, unfortunately.
"Too loud" is a book for antisociologists who would like to... flesh out their English ? so that it does not remain... sociologist's English (you don't want that, now, do you ??).
A book that will send you running for your English/English (you don't cheat with bilingual dictionaries, do you ? tss tss..) dictionary, just to get your disembodied hands plunged into the Verb, its juices running down your chin, after, not swallowing it whole, but sinking your canines into it.
Hrabal has some lovely things to say about the kind of resistance you are talking about. (And we are akin in our.. keening and wailing and mourning the demise of the Austrio-Hungarian empire, and the Old World.)
Personally, I think that one of the greatest acts of resistance we could be engaged in right now, is the.. um, act that much globalization pursues with a "virtuous" vengeance : the.. sexual act in all its wild variants (polymorphous perversion to use an expression that is a little dry and dusty...)
All of our global organizations are designed to do sex in...
Horrifying, isn't it ?? (Yes for "toujours plus"... sex. Much more fun than "toujours plus" technology...)
I am not a keen fan of "rangement". My husband likes it better.
It has always despaired me, rangement.
I am the kind of person who can make a beeline for my bordel (no, not THAT one, the other one..), and find the disappeared object magically. Most of the time.
On the.. virtues ? of analysis...
My psychoanalyst husband seems to believe that as such he is magically ? protected from the corrosive (and largely unconscious) effects of the Verb.
I used to believe that too... But, my eyes have been opened, and I no longer do.
One of Lacan's disciples' greatest failings was to produce the.. naïve ? belief that psychoanalysis HAD saved them.. once and for all, moreover. Like a form of initiation where the initiate enters another.. "new and improved ?" world.
I call that getting stuck in the "master" mentality.
Perhaps we are indeed all. EQUAL in our alienation to the Verb, even if some of us can analyze better than others ?
How many patients would say to me that they "knew" what was wrong with them (and indeed they did) but that such knowledge didn't change anything for them ?
Rather mysterious..
On the virtues of "bouger"...
We are rather addicted to the distinctive opposition "active/passive" in our civilization, for lots of reasons.
I happen to believe that it could be very important to.. not budge right now, for a change. To cultivate routine and tradition for a change ? (I was very lucky, I got my ritual food when I was a young girl, so at least I can remember it..)
Comes to mind a line from Bach's "Jesu, Meine Freude", that goes "Tobe Welt und springe, iche steh hier und singe, in gar sichrer Ruh", if my memory is correct.
"Let the world collapse into ruins, I will stay here and sing in perfect peace".
Pretty neat for our world, don't you think ?
Not enough.. TONAL music these days for my taste. No... harmony without tonal music.
And if we tried resurrecting some of the older metaphors ?
But maybe they will be resurrected thanks to the logic of the Verb itself.
Nous sommes peu de choses, dans le fond.
Much less than what Cartesian egoism has led us to believe...
When things fall apart, and the center cannot hold, well... that can be a good thing, you know ?
It certainly adds a lot of... SPICE to life, along with considerable uncertainty ?
For two generations at least who have believed in their retirement accounts, and little else...

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